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We invest in batches of 10 companies at the time. Each company selected will be provided with a first seed-round of up to 0,5 MSEK. In a second step the most promising entrepreneurs will be offered an a-round investment in the range of 2 to 10 MSEK and will join our prolonged 12-month program.


Our team has many years of experience from business building, start-ups and Venture Capital. Having worked with companies such as Pricerunner, Footway, King, Aftonbladet, Tradera, and Kundkraft, we are able to help our start-ups to accelerate and become fundable faster.


As a selected start-up you will be part of our program, where we meet every Wednesday evening for joint Project Sessions. The start-ups will move into our office at Uggleviksgatan 2B. During this period, the entrepreneurs and our Collective work intensively together. In addition an Investment Manager will be assigned to each start-up.

Some of our entrepreneurs

Being a part of The Springfield Project is a business booster. Cruitway have worked closely with the Springfield advisors to focus on operational KPI:s for growth, in parallell with strategically reinventing our service to the next move on disrupting our industry. Adrian Swartz, Cruitway

As a start-up you go through many different stages, and what we have found Springfield being excellent at is pinpointing our needs and wants - and after that observation providing the best feedback and help. Springfield’s diverse background gave us an extensive network, and they always asked the right questions to help us find the right answers. Sanna Nilsson, Codarica

The Springfield Project has provided the advice, network and inspiration to take our startup to the next level. We're miles ahead of where we were three months ago, and that's largely thanks to Springfield. They've helped us focus, set up the right milestones, and inspired us to reach them. Carl-Johan Nordqvist & Dag Wardaeus, Bolånegruppen

We came to the Springfield Project with little more than a vision and the will to put everything into it. Three months later, much thanks to support and continous feedback from the Springfield team as well as our assigned Investment Manager, we had launched our app and gained loads of new insights. Felix von Heland, Storimi